The Sheboygan Police Benevolent Association’s Scholarship Program seeks to promote the scholastic well-being of our community's youth by providing financial assistance for the first year of college to deserving students.


To be eligible for this award, you must be a graduating senior from one of the high schools in Sheboygan County.

Other requirements include:

  • Strong academic achievement
  • Exhibiting good citizenship through participation in extra-curricular activities at school
  • Demonstrating strong community involvement

Qualified applicants:

  • Will possess high moral character
  • Will not have been convicted of a crime
  • Will demonstrate financial need
  • Must be planning to enter a program leading to a degree

Since there is no interview process, the essay outlined on the application is very important.

Our Association plans to offer $15,000 in scholarships this year. The maximum amount an individual recipient will be awarded is $2,000.00.


  1. Copy of High School Transcript
  2. Essay (Essay details can be found by clicking on Scholarship Application below)
  3. Completed Scholarship Application

Applications are due by 5:00pm on Friday, March 22nd, 2024. Final selections will take place on or about April 1st, and the recipients will be awarded the scholarship at their school’s award ceremony.

Scholarship Application

Hard copies of the Scholarship Application are also available at the Sheboygan Police Department.


  • Roman Braesch
  • Riann Fitzpatrick
  • Alexis Bahr
  • Amelia DuMez
  • Rachel Kowitz
  • Payton Danen
  • Haley Veeser
  • Turner Noll
  • Jordan Smith
  • Jared Filteau
  • Hailey Schimberg
  • Kayla Hendricks
  • Tristan Moctezuma
  • Caleb Bekkum
  • Bailey Joyce
  • Jacob Swigert
  • Madelyn Wynveen
  • Grace Taylor
  • Thomas Edson
  • Aaron Huibregtse
  • Laine Thompson
  • Tricia Bidinger
  • Aidan Diener
  • Elizabeth Montaba
  • Ian Zempel
  • Austin Teunissen
  • Emily Edson
  • Alec Danen
  • Ian Clark
  • Sydney Brasser
  • Zayla Mueller
  • Riley Fitzpatrick
  • Emily Ross
  • Jordan Stoelb
  • Ashley Huibregtse
  • Emma Halverson
  • Emily Sass
  • Jonathan Waldhuetter
  • Anna Opgenorth
  • Brenda Garcia
  • Cole Meyer
  • Brennan Lawrence
  • Chase Williams
  • Evan Carpenter
  • Isabelle Clark
  • Mallory Veeser
  • Mariah VanEss
  • Pee Mee Yang
  • Samantha Tennessen
  • YuLani Xiong
  • Caitlyn Cobb
  • Caleb Adams
  • Madeline Oneill
  • Regan Fitzpatrick
  • Tessa Bidinger
  • Thomas Roenitz
  • William Adams
  • Brianna Damkot
  • Justin P Landgraf
  • Kaitlyn Mueller
  • Sydnee Pribbernow
  • MaryJo Retzer
  • Abby Veeser