Sheboygan Professional Police Association's Service Awards

The Sheboygan Professional Police Association's service award is for employees or citizens who do something extraordinary in our community. The SPPA honors these individuals by presenting them with an award and highlighting all the good they do in our city and beyond.

Since 2008, the Sheboygan Professional Police Association has sponsored a Service Awards program to recognize exceptional acts performed by sworn officers, civilian employees, and members of the public. Recipients are nominated by fellow officers, supervisors, and civilian co-workers and represent those who strive to go above and beyond what is expected of them. These men and women...our co-workers, friends, and family members...did not ask to be put in heroic situations, but rather found themselves in circumstances that allowed them to demonstrate the qualities of a hero.

Medal of Valor

Presented to an officer for an act of extraordinary bravery or heroism performed in the line of duty at imminent personal risk to life, under circumstances evincing a disregard of personal consequences. This award recognizes officers whose actions have gone above and beyond the call of duty or an officer who has performed an act of bravery displaying extreme courage while knowingly facing imminent danger.

  • 2020: Officer Bryan Pray
  • 2016: Officer Brandon Kehoe, Officer TJ Hamilton
  • 2010: Officer Brandon Munnik
  • 2008: Officer Kent Huibregtse

Officer of the Year

Presented to an officer for exemplary service to the community, which involves performance and achievement above and beyond that which is required by an officer’s basic assignment.

  • 2022: Detective Brandon Kehoe

  • 2021: Detective Eric Edson

  • 2020: Officer Thomas Aker

  • 2019 Officer Israel Deutsch

  • 2018: Detective Joel Clark

  • 2017: Detective Paul Olsen

  • 2016: Officer Anna Taylor

  • 2015: Detective Tamara Remington

  • 2014: Officer Alex Jaeger

  • 2013: Detective Tamara Remington, Officer Charlet Endsley

  • 2012: Officer Ryan Schmitt

  • 2011: Detective Matthew Walsh

  • 2010: Officer Dean Wendlandt

  • 2009: Officer Brian Retzer

  • 2008: Officer Paul Olsen

Civilian Employee of the Year

Presented to a non-sworn employee for exemplary service to the community, which involves performance and achievement above and beyond that which is required by the employee’s basic assignment.

  • 2022: Beth Gruenker
  • 2021: Henry Meller
  • 2020: Cal Stoffel
  • 2019: Troy Stahl, Dave Daniels
  • 2018: Yeng Yang
  • 2017: Christian Koenig
  • 2016: Russ Schreiner
  • 2015: Julie Lamb
  • 2014: Sara O'Connor
  • 2013: Cassandra Wohlgemuth, Mary Danen
  • 2012: Linda Repphun, Dave Daniels
  • 2011: Paula Haelfrisch, Lori Kanitz
  • 2010: Betsy Theune
  • 2009: Mary Danen
  • 2008: Russ Schreiner

Meritorious Service Award

Presented to an officer for exceptional performance of outstanding service on behalf of the department, while carrying out an act of great responsibility, or of critical importance to law enforcement.

  • 2022: Officer Kim Yang, Sergeant Michael Thielke, and Officer Jordan Stoelb
  • 2021: Officer Anna Taylor, Officer Dustin Fickett
  • 2020: Officer Anna Taylor, Officer Trisha Saeger
  • 2019: Officer Alexander Jaeger, Christopher Stephen, Detective Paul Olsen
  • 2018: Officer Trisha Saeger, Officer Brian Bastil, Officer Steve Schnabel
  • 2017: Officer Michael Thielke
  • 2016: Officer Michael Wynveen
  • 2015: Officer Alex Jaeger, Officer Andrew Kundinger, Detective Paul Olsen
  • 2014: Officer John Rupnick, Officer Michael Wynveen
  • 2013: Captain Bob Wallace, Officer Brent Vreeke, Sargent Shannon McKay, Officer Jason Pacey, Officer Steve Schnabel, Officer Matthew Heimerl
  • 2012: Officer Brandon Kehoe, Officer Andrew Kundinger
  • 2011: Officer Charlet Endsley, Officer Brandon Kehoe, Officer Joel Kuszynski
  • 2010: Detective Paul Olsen, Officer Michael Stelter, Officer Brian Bastil, Officer Ryan Schmitt, Officer Bruce Yang
  • 2009: Officer Joel Kuszynski, Officer Dean Wendlandt
  • 2008: Detective Joel Clark

Citizen's Distinguished Service Award

Presented to individuals, who are not members of the police department, who assist in apprehending a criminal, aid an officer during a critical incident, or who demonstrate exceptional cooperation with the department in the accomplishment of its mission.

  • 2022: Dawn Mervyn
  • 2021: Samantha Naumann, Deanna Grundl
  • 2020: Ethan Tewes
  • 2019: Kennadi Kehoe
  • 2018: Melissa Gordziej
  • 2017:Lorrie Ruiz
  • 2016: Leon Lyons, Kurt Klessig, Dr. Debbie Lassiter
  • 2015: District Attorney Joe DeCecco, Harlan Leikem
  • 2014: Nicholas Salm, Dione Knop
  • 2013: The Gateway Neighborhood Association
  • 2011: Fong Lee, Penny Weber
  • 2010: James Klokow
  • 2009: Jason Downing, Susan Lee

Life-Saving Award

Presented to sworn and/or non-sworn individuals for performing an act, through prompt and decisive action, under extraordinary circumstances, that saves or significantly prolongs the life of another.

  • 2021: Officer Alicia Rotier, Officer Thomas Aker
  • 2020: Officer Carolina Warrens
  • 2019: Officer Alexander Jaeger
  • 2018: Sargent Ryan Schmitt, Officer Ryan Walloch
  • 2017: Officer Cody Griebling
  • 2016: Officer Brent Vreeke, Officer Timothy McMullen, Hunter Heyn
  • 2015: Officer Michael Thielke, Officer Brian Knez, Officer Jason Pacey, Officer Michael Wynveen, Officer Brian Bastil
  • 2014: Officer Chris Stephen, Christopher Donlon
  • 2013: Officer Dustin Fickett, Officer Todd Danen
  • 2012: Officer Thomas Aker, Officer Matthew Friedl, Officer Brent Vreeke
  • 2011: Officer Spencer Wilson, Officer Matthew Friedl, Officer TJ Hamilton
  • 2010: Officer Michael Wynveen, Officer Matthew Braesch, Sargent Scott Reineke
  • 2009: Officer Brian Inger, Officer Ryan Schmitt, Zachary Leschke
  • 2008: Officer Brian Bastil, Detective Cameron Stewart, Officer Tamara Remington

Community Engagement Award

Presented to an officer who demonstrates outstanding performance in community outreach and engagement, and recognizes initiatives that show potential for long-term impact on the community and its relationship with the Sheboygan Police Department.

  • 2022: Officer Isaiah Trussell
  • 2021: Officer Holly Kehoe
  • 2019: Officer Bryan Pray
  • 2018: Officer Paul Graening, Officer Todd Danen
  • 2017: Sheboygan PD Explorer Post #2881
  • 2016: Officer Matthew Heimerl